Listen to Our First Podcast about Housesitting

Native Traveler podcast, Sirius XM Canada, featuring Jess Simpson from aGypsyGene

Being a freelance travel writer is a crazy career. I like to say…

It’s not all champagne and sunsets (just mostly).

Pay is low, deadlines are right, and self-doubt is constant. But, of course, perks are also abundant.

For me, one of most positive aspects is the element of surprise. You truly never know what opportunities are just beyond on the horizon. Recently, I received an offer to work with producers of the NativeTraveler team at SXM Canada Talks to develop a podcast segment about ways to save money while traveling.

During the process, my first foray into podcasting, as I whined about my whiny vocals, the wise (and kind) producer Liz said, “Everyone cringes when hearing their own voice.” So, I concentrated on getting on with it and letting the story shine through.

It’s a tale about housesitting in southern Spain, one of those travel experiences that forever changes how you see the world. I love sharing this story and hope you will enjoy hearing it and find inspiration for your own travels.

Here’s the link to the full segment, which begins with my tale, then moves into informative interviews from professional travelers Nomadic Matt and Globetrottergirls too.

LISTEN HERE: Native Traveler Podcast Segment featuring Jess Simpson from aGypsyGene.

Many, many thanks to Native Traveler and Sirius XM Canada. What an amazing experience!

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